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 ICU Tournament


25th ICUT
is to be held in Tokyo Japan in 2016 hosted by ICU Debating Society

March 24-26, 2016


Greetings from Tokyo!

Hi, I am Chizuru Yamazaki, domestic liaison for ICUT.

Today I wanted to inform you regarding the usage of ICU facility. 
Due to the construction over the spring break, we are unable to use the elevator at the venue of the competition (aka Honkan).

If you have any requests on using the first floor for multiple rounds in the tournament due to physical conditions, please contact me at by 3/16 23:59.

We apologize for any inconvenience and we look forward to see you at the tournament.


Chizuru Yamazaki 
Domestic liaison for 25th ICUT



1st Trailer
2nd Trailer
Christmas Trailer
Happy New Year Trailer

What makes this tournament no other?

First and foremost, ICUT is the biggest international tournament in Japan. Out of many other international tournaments in the world, ICUT is the only competition that can provide participants with Japanese hospitality, called “Omotenashi” during their stay at Tokyo, one of the largest and most beautiful cities in the world. Participants can enjoy Japanese cultural experiences like Geisha, Samurai, and Sushi. International Christian University is famous for its beautiful campus, especially during springtime. In March, cherry blossoms color the campus at ICU, creating an astonishing Japanese scenery. 
More importantly, ICUT is an opportunity to have your debating skills evaluated by a great team of experienced judges. Takahiko Kondo as the Chief Adjudicator heads the 2016 ICUT Deputy Chief Adjudicators: Choyi “Chanel” Chan, Fumiko Hirasawa, Rishad Sharif, Samuel Chan and Chiaki Hagimoto. If you, by any chance, have not had a chance to debate in front of these judges in other tournaments, please consider competing in ICUT because this tournament is mainly for native speakers of non-English languages, and critiques from accomplished adjudicators will definitely assist your improvement of debating skills. Taking these factors that contribute to ICUT’s uniqueness, we fervently await your participation in this tournament. We will be more than pleased to see you all in 2016 Tokyo, Japan.


ICU Tournament (ICUT) is the one and only international tournament held in Japan. It is one of the biggest and has the longest history. The next tournament, 25th ICUT, hosted by ICU Debating Society, will be held in Tokyo, Japan on March 24-March 26 of 2016.​

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